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Useful Tips

How can I make my vacuum cleaner last longer?
1. Empty or replace bag often. Good rule-of-thumb - if the bag is two-thirds full, it is time to replace the bag.

2. Replacing air filters regularily. When air flow is restricted, it causes the vacuum motor to work harder and results in decreased motor life.

3. Check for worn parts and have them replaced. Not only is this needed for safety, but also will help increase the life of the vacuum.

How do I remove grease and tough stains from my countertop?

Dip a clean cloth in vinegar and wipe the counter. This will clean the grease and disinfect your countertop.

How can I remove hardened food particles from microwave?
Squeeze two lemons (juice) into a cup of water. Put the diluted lemon juice into the microwave and cook until the mixture boils. The steam will loosen the particles and can easily be wiped away. The lemon removes any smells and leaves a fresh, clean smell.

How can I keep the vegetables fresh longer in my refrigerator?
Simply place a medium-size sponge in the vegetable crisper. This will absorb water and can be wrung out after a few days and help keep your vegetables last longer.


Advice From Expert

It is never too early or too late to talk with a professional cleaning service. This service can be considered an investment in the business and and investment in the employee.